September 5, 2014

Announcing our 2014 exhibition: The Future’s Knot

Announcing our 2014 exhibition: The Future’s Knot

The Future’s Knot is the official exhibition presented by Critical Animals in 2014. Responding to the festival’s broader provocations for ‘possible futures’, this exhibition takes place at a time when power relations are increasingly governed and mediated by technologies. Much attention has been given recently to the  use by government, big business and activists of information technologies – the insatiable hunger of intelligence agencies for metadata; increasingly targeted content and advertising using big data demography; and the digital direct action protests of groups such as Anonymous. However older technologies continue to develop and remain relevant in shaping the way we behave, form individual and collective identities, and how societies function – the accepted pervasiveness of CCTV for one.

Is it possible or even desirable to find points of resistance within these systems? Is it possible to re-purpose technologies of power for our own ends, exploit glitches to widen cracks that run from the surface all the way down, or take technologies as subject matter for discussion and analysis? The Future’s Knot is curated by Peter Johnson and features new and recent works by Baden Pailthorpe, Benjamin Forster, Giselle Stanborough, Jonny Niesche, Josephine Skinner, Kylie Banyard, Marian Tubbs, Philjames, Pia van Gelder, and Tristan Deratz.

The opening reception will be held on Friday 3rd October, 6-8pm.


The Futures Knot

A Critical Animals Exhibition

The Lock Up90 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300

3rd – 24th October, 2014.



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Josephine Skinner

The end (installation view, detail) 2013

Multi-channel HD TV installation, reused YouTube content

Image courtesy and © the artist

Photo: Susannah Wimberley/Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney