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Patricia Wood

Patricia is an independent dance artist, whose work draws from choreographic and ethnographic process and takes multiple forms, including performance, radio transmission and text.

Underpinning her choreographic research is a focus on physical studies of transmission, through embodied processes of remembering and re-embodiment to produce transformation. 

She has developed a number of short works ‘11 Steps’ (2012) for STRUT, ‘A Re-Enactment’ (2015) for Critical Path’s 10th Birthday Party and ‘Trish & Trisha’ (2016), ‘Economy of a Gesture’ (2017) ‘Dance Pirate Radio – Telepathic Democracy’ (2018) and ‘Transmission Solo’ (2019). She has received support from a range of national and local residency programs such as, Critical Path, Sydney University, Omeo Dance, DirtyFeet, Tasdance, Frontyard, ReadyMade Works, Ausdance NSW, Bundanon Trust, PACT and Brand X to develop her choreographic practice. 

As a performer she has sought opportunities to work with artists on projects that are experimental, rigorous in concept and process driven. Career highlights include performing in Mette Edvardsen’s ‘Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine’ for the Sydney Biennale, 2016 and Oslo Biennale, 2019; Victoria Hunt’s award-winning work ‘Tangi Wai’ for Dance Massive, 2017; and Eszter Salamon’s work ‘Replay’ for the Keir Choreographic Award Public Program as an NSW artist representative. Patricia currently is a Teaching Artist for Sydney Dance Company and is a board member of Critical Path.