March 22, 2017

Ask the artist: Ele Jansen

Ask the artist: Ele Jansen

Need a few reasons to apply for CA2017?
One of our 2015 artists, Ele Janson, can give you a few!


How would you describe Critical Animals?

The most down to earth, intellectually stimulating melting pot of young art curation and collaboration.


Why did you apply?

Because it’s a fantastic platform to engage a smart audience in new forms of productive interaction.


What makes the festival unique?

Its intimate small scale feel meeting big as Istanbul Biennale thinking.


How did Critical Animals support you in the lead up?

Intensively! They took time to collaborate with us on our co-creation game, messaged details about ongoings and logistics and the general mailings were fun, smart and to the point.


What did you get out of the festival ?

A lesson learned that experimental collaboration can go so much further when you have a creatively-attuned audience and open-minded curators.



What advice would you give to people applying this year?

To dream and create a layer of ethereal story around newcastle for people to explore sensory knowledge and then expand that to cover the entire world. World domination basically.  


If Critical Animals was an emoji which would it be?

Is it a blue pill that gets you out of the matrix? Then a blue pill unicorn. <3


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Image: Ele Jansen, Be. Poietic. Punks., Critical Animals 2015