March 4, 2017

Ask the artist: V-T-R

Ask the artist: V-T-R

Short and sweet – all you need to know about Critical Animals
from artist and CA alum V-T-R.


How would you describe Critical Animals?

An art forum that is willing to be open to new and interesting art forms that allows for more radical theoretical discussion.


Why did apply for CA 2016?

I was looking for an organisation that was going to allow my project to go ahead without threat of censorship in the process of application itself.


What was the best part of the symposium for you?

Allowing me to speak to my art in the fullest sense and the enthusiasm of the organisers to make it happen


What makes the festival unique?

The fact that the whole idea of art can be challenged and the eager audiences.


How did Critical Animals support you in the lead up?

Providing quick email responses to questions and helping me logistically.


What did you get out of the festival?

A chance to exhibit a very unique exhibition to wider audiences and to share that with other artists and their ideas.


Who would you recommend to apply for Critical Animals 2017?

Those, whether they’re artists or not, who are not sure if their work is worth exhibiting, but really need to get it out there.


What advice would you give to people applying this year?

Really think outside the contemporary art scene for ideas and inspiration.


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Image: V-T-R, #RichForks, 2016