September 24, 2013



Hey critters, here’s a wee sneak peek at the exhibition we’ve curated at The Lock Up Cultural Centre, titled Desiring Machines.

The artists in Desiring Machines meditate on the traces of human experience in data, make human interventions into the realm of the machine and find ways in which technology aids social exchange. They explore the place of fragmentation and temporality in this exchange, and in doing so they convert the visual and technological effluvium that occupies our lives into material that encourages empathy and connection.

We hung the first installment of the show on Saturday, and you can see works by Sara Morawetz, Kate Vassalo & James Lieutenant, Dylan Hammond, Victoria Hempstead and Alex White (via Electrofringe). The second phase of the exhibition will be shown in the Lock Up’s historic cells from next week.

Morawetz install in progress

(Lining up Sara Morawetz’s beautiful line drawings…)

install in progress

(Tulleah makes exhibition notes for the volunteers…)

The exhibition features work by some our uber-talented panellists, and runs until 6th October. Join us in the main gallery on Saturday 5th October from 2pm to meet the artists.


(Header image: Alex White, Slight Lul: Redux, Multi Channel Televisual Installation)