A Game Approach to Art Appreciation – The Lab Reloaded

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Sunday 30 September , 5:00 pm – 5.50pm

The Lock-Up 90 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia

Artist and creative animateur Naomi Lee McCarthy will lead an embodied, art appreciation experience within the lecture and then present her research, including a short text-based film from the previous days Pop-Up Lab. This presentation will explore the impact of participating in mediated and unmediated art encounters when navigating complex contested histories.

Art Appreciation as embodied, emboldened, recursive creative practice This live action research project will be delivered in two parts: Firstly, by conducting a Pop-Up Research Lab, involving a rolling series of mediated and unmediated art appreciation experiences navigating Full Circle, currently on exhibition in The Lock Up. This exhibition considers the inheritance of family cultural traditions and how artists delve into the past to navigate their future. Through the research framework, artist and creative animateur Naomi Lee McCarthy will invite audiences into an examination of the dialogues generated through engagement with culturally and politically divergent artworks. Research Lab participants’ feedback will be recorded anonymously (written down) and selected quotes translated into a text based film. This research will have a focus on the performed body as a contested site Secondly, by presenting The Lab Reloaded, an interactive, performative lecture, including presenting the findings from the Pop-Up Lab translated into a short film. During the lecture, artist and creative animateur Naomi Lee McCarthy, will continue to negotiate the social practice of art appreciation by gamely involving the audience in performative gestures that model the research experience. The intention of the performative gestures in both components will be to set the conditions for ‘an experience’ to occur with each of the focus artworks. ‘An experience’ is philosopher and psychologist John Dewey’s phrase for an aesthetic experience as something of distinct value, that is different to the ‘everyday’. The focus of this research is to examine the impact of art appreciation experiences when diverse audiences apprehend the body of the other as performed marker of power, inverter of accepted narratives, trope to problematize and reveal of the conceit of cultural norms.

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The Lock-Up
90 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia

The Lock-Up

90 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia

The Lock-Up is an accessible venue with ramp or steps entrance. Accessible toilet available. Reserved parking is available on the other side of Hunter Street outside Westpac. Note that some areas of the venue have low light, uneven flooring and narrow walkways.

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