Social Constructivism

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Friday 28 September , 12:00 pm – 4.50pm

The Lock-Up 90 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia
  • Installation

A place developed through molten steel and dusty coal, becomes a matter interest for both the artist and the audience. How can this relationship between the viewer and the viewed, challenge us to consider the impact of our actions while questioning the concrete foundations on which we stand?


With the history of Newcastle being built upon the industrialisation of the land, how can we respond to the social narrative by making use of the same elements it has been constructed with. This concept asks the viewer to consider the social significance of the history, the nature and the uses of these materials. As it is through creating a dialogue between ideas and issues deeply embedded into the foundations of the area, can we then re-contextualise these same materials, but instead as a tool for thought. How will
you engage and question this concept of materiality, will it be of concern for the environmental impacts, or for the value it's had on the development of society?



The Lock-Up
90 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia

The Lock-Up

90 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia

The Lock-Up is an accessible venue with ramp or steps entrance. Accessible toilet available. Reserved parking is available on the other side of Hunter Street outside Westpac. Note that some areas of the venue have low light, uneven flooring and narrow walkways.

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