January 19, 2010

Open Fields Conference

From the Open Fielders:


Open Fields 2010 is now calling for submissions.

This inaugural unthemed academic camp will be held at the University of Technology, Sydney, and Serial Space Gallery, April 28-30, 2010.

It has been our intention to create a virtually limitless forum harbouring the inner excitations of academics, researchers, students, artists and practitioners. By allowing themes, tangents, or circles of thought to appear organically, Open Fields is an ideal opportunity for presentations, engagements, and collaborations that are experimental, obscure and uncompromised.

We encourage you to present your thought, work in progress, or to present on the work of another in the spirit of creativity, stimulation, and cross-pollination. This may take the form of an exhibition, installation, paper, presentation, performance, recital, round-table discussion, seminar, or any combination you feel appropriate.

The camp will feature self-catering, a program of nightly performances and events at Serial Space, and the Rizzeria zine machine.

For more information, visit: openfieldssydney.wordpress.com

To apply, find our application form here.

Admire the poster, here.

Applications close 31 January, 2010.

Registration for contributors and attendees will open in February, 2010.

Feel free to email us with any queries at: openfields2010@gmail.com

Open Fields.