September 30, 2015

Program Highlights

Program Highlights

Critical Animals 2015 Starts tomorrow! Here are a few festival highlights to make sure you get to.


Hobotechno’s Nomadic Projections

Preview at SCOTTIE’S FISH CAFÉ 7:00 – 10:00 PM Wednesday

OUTDOOR/ROVING 7:00 – 10:00PM Friday and Saturday nights

Artists Tom Buchanan and Dale Collier will raise concerns involving the  challenges faced by experimental and new media artists when considering local exhibition platforms through interactive, digital narratives wandering the neglected public spaces scattered throughout the CBD.


Coal River

THE OBELISK 6:00 – 9:00PM Thursday – Saturday

A collaborative work from Fugitive Moments (aka Tristan Derátz & Barnaby Lewer). Coal River is a site-specific series of projections that intervene in the vectors of Newcastle’s historic space by projecting on the iconic monument of The Obelisk.


Advertising Marketing Publicity

START – 26 Brook St, Cooks Hill. 6:30PM – 7:30PM Saturday

Join artists Emily Parsons-Lord and Deb Mansfield for a shot of sherry and a hike to the neon sign ‘Advertising Marketing Publicity’. The sign, owned by a local business has been hired by artists who view it as beautiful to become a part of a their own work.

The sign is writ for the business-pedestrian, but it more so operates as a glowing shamanic prophecy to the contemporary artist moving between the making of artwork, and the commodification of one’s self as an artist. It’s a predication/icon/thing to both celebrate and be wary of.

Friends With Benefits

Deb’s Apartment 26 Brooks St, Cooks Hill. 4:00 – 6:00pm Saturday

A one-night only art exhibition of inter-town love and good-hearted nepotism. Including a stellar lineup Paul Adair, Kylie Banyard, Kate Beckingham, Harriet Body, Deidre Brollo, Tim, Buchanan, David Capra, Lottie Consalvo, Leo Coyte, Rosie Deacon, Chris Dolman, Lynda Draper, James Drinkwater, Marc Etherington, Emma Finneran, Rowena Foong, Heath Franco, Ben Gallagher, Maggie Hensel-Brown, Bel Howden, Belem Lett, Jonathan McBurnie, Anna McMahon, Deb Mansfield, Kate Mitchell, Peter Nelson, Tom Polo, Nicola Smith, Clare Weeks, Jodie Whalen, Paul Williams. Curated by Deb Mansfield, Maggie Hensel-Brown and Chris Dolman.


New Physics



Curated by Roslyn Helper ‘New Physics’ is a virtual exhibition of internet art that explores ways of exhibiting and experiencing art online. Can be viewed through it’s access point at The Lock-Up or on in the comfort of your loungeroom via

ARTIST/S Ellen Formby, Giselle Stanborough, Josh Harle and Louise Zhang, Holly Childs, Joe Hamilton, Kusum Normoyle, Alrey Batol and Peter Wildman.