June 17, 2014

Help us crowdfund these TiNA/CPA Projects!

Help us crowdfund these TiNA/CPA Projects!

Wow! Time really flies! Hard to believe that we’re only a few short months away from our ‘Possible Futures’ symposium at This Is Not Art 2014!

We’re busy getting stuck into the details of our program for this year’s festival and making sure that all the preparations are underway to deliver an incredible set of events that inspire our participants and audiences to consider what’s in store for our (and your) creative practices now and in the future.

Pretty soon we’ll be sharing more information about our program, and introducing you to some of the creative thinkers and artists we have joining us at our festival in Newcastle this year. We can’t wait for you to meet them!

In the meantime, we’d like to ask you to take a few minutes to help crowdfund a couple of TiNA/CPA projects that we are supporting at the moment. These campaigns are being matched by Creative Partnerships Australia, which means that every dollar you give will be matched $1 for $1 through their Match: Crowdfunding for the Independent Arts Sector initiative program. 

Possible Futures Definitive Rad

We’re thrilled to see that George Rose has really leapt head-on into our ‘Possible Futures’ theme, and is planning on building life-size dioramas to be constructed and installed at various venues during This Is Not Art 2014. George is an illustrator, designer, artist and likes making everything she sees prettier. So we’re super stoked to have her on board to happen at some of our 2014 festival venues! Donate to her campaign, reap the rewards, and perhaps even contribute your ideas to the project itself!

You can find the campaign for George’s project here.


Speak Easy

Similarly aligned with our 2014 festival theme is the Speak Easy event, brought to you by the Socio Creative Trust. They’ll be putting on a conversation/dinner/performance centred around sustainability and, of course, Possible Futures. Here at Critical Animals, we believe that the project – which will involve local produce food and wine – will be a feature highlight of this year’s festival. Adding to all of that some awesome perks for supporting their campaign, we can’t wait for you to experience Speak Easy!

You can find the Speak Easy campaign here.


Please take a closer look at the projects and throw some $$$ their way. It’s projects like these that make our festival great and the more money raised; the better Critical Animals 2014 will be! :)))