April 15, 2010

Submissions for 2010 have closed

The gate has shut and the yard is littered with ideas, plans, suggestions and elaborate schemes. We now have the task of sifting through the mail, of picking apart the various projects, papers, presentations, performances, exhibitions and installations that people have proposed. This, for us, is the good part.

As for you, if you were gracious enough to submit an application, you’ll receive confirmation of this by the end of the week.

After that, it’s the waiting game. Go for a walk, or learn a new instrument. We’ll be in touch if we require more information about your proposal, but otherwise, we’ll be notifying artists about their proposals in early June.

If you indicated an interest in being involved in the symposium but didn’t submitted a proposal, we’ll be in contact to discuss how you might fit into the vast and complex machine that is Critical Animals.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal, or who flagged their interest in being involved in this year’s festival.

If you need to contact us at all, please email criticalanimals@gmail.com

Aden and Sarah