February 11, 2016

The (C)A-Team

The (C)A-Team

Animals! We hope you are as psyched as us for this year’s Critical Animals symposium! In special preparation for all the dynamic events planned, we have let loose a brand new festival Co-Director, Justine Holt who will be working closely with experienced animal handlers Laura Hanlon and Julia Mendel to bring you an exceptional festival this year. Patrick Kelly will also be working behind the scenes in case things get too feral.

Justine comes to us from a Masters of Art Curatorship at the University of Melbourne and is an experienced art-curator who has been taming artistic beasts at the MCA and the Spring 1883 Art Fair. Whilst taking a break from her hectic schedule as CA co-director, Justine is an avid knitter.

Our Olympic Dream Team is getting all up in your face Newcastle, and leaving no critical stone un-turned in the hunt of the most innovative and mind-bending presentations. Stay tuned for our call for proposals coming up on the CA website and make sure to apply if you want to be part of the ideas powerhouse event of the year!

Critical Animals – 2016