September 29, 2013

This time next week…

This time next week…

Don’t know about you all, but Camp Critical Animals spent our Saturday evening making mixtapes, sewing the ears on our spirit animal costumes, and best of all, SLEEPING, or at least trying to. We have to take it while we can still get it.

As you all no doubt know by now, Critical Animals ’13 is happening next weekend. Before you get your highlighters out to attack our program, here’s a look at some of the exciting stuff our super talented artists are up to outside of the festivities.

The Spheres  are an iconic Melbourne collective of filmmakers and musicians who soundtrack the light thrown from projectors. At Critical Animals they’ll be previewing material from their upcoming release, the Book of Hours, at the Watt Street Church, and speaking about urbanity and modern inhabitation on Friday morning at the Lock up. The Spheres are also playing TONIGHT, at Conduit Arts in Melbourne, for a warm up show and paper preview. Come join us:

Eddie Hopely is a poet and a researcher, speaking on speculative aesthetics on Friday night at the Gun Club. Eddie has recently published an online book called SNUG with Troll Thread, have a read here: Eddie also co-edits an Aus/US chapbook series called “sus” – see their first release here:

Vanessa Berry is writer, artist and zinemaker. Her memoirs of experiencing music in the 90s, titled Ninety9, were recently published by Giramondo. You can hear her speak about creative city-making on Friday at 1pm at the Lock Up AND take part in a mapmaking workshop at the Watt St Church Hall on Saturday at 4pm.

Jake Moore is an independent researcher and composer, speaking on sonic modulation Saturday morning at the Lock-Up. He makes pretty interesting music, download some of it for free, here:

Malcolm Whittaker is a young thinker from Sydney, speaking about the role of play and mischief in creative practice at CA on the Sunday afternoon. He’s currently putting together a collective called Ignoramus Anonymous, a support group that considers “that which we do not know and that which we do not know that we do not know”. Ask him about this on Sunday at the Watt Street Church.

And finally, Kings ARI are a Melbourne Artist Run Initiative also celebrating their tenth year of operation. Annabelle Lacroix, Kate Warren, Benjamin Wood and Dylan Hammond will be speaking about matter, transformation and artistic potential on Sunday morning at the Lock Up. Dylan Hammond also will be presenting his piece, Manifold Man, as part of our Desiring Machines exhibition. Kings are also putting on their own exhibition,Does it Matter?, as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, which runs from the 4th-26th October, and opens this Friday night:

Looking forward to all this, and more.

Will see you all very soon,

CA x