October 2, 2013



We can’t believe its Wednesday already! Only TWO more sleeps!

We are in Newcastle and have firmly established our CA HQ by the beach, put the finishing touches on our exhibition at The Lock Up and are excitedly modeling our ‘spirit animal’ costumes for the Critical Animalia launch party at the Terrace this Friday. We’re dancing like crazy cats in our apartment, slightly delirious in CA planning mode. There’s lots of spinning of mad tunes to get us in the party mood, like this gem.

We have spent the day dropping our beautiful 2013 program booklet to the pubs, coffee-shops and small bars of Newcastle and are super-grateful to the lovely Sara Morawetz for her fantastic design work on this! Sara is also one of our 2013 artists and you can come see her exquisite drawings at the Lock Up or hear her speak on the Systematic Wonder panel at 3pm on Friday.

To help you plan your very own Critical Animals schedule you can download your own .pdf of the program HERE

For an all-in-one grid timetable which can download on your phone, or print out, see HERE

We are also excited to introduce the ‘Twittical Animals’ for 2013 who will be helping us document the Critical Animals festivities on social media over the weekend.

The lovely Emily Stewart will be tweeting, instagramming and facebook-posting all the quaint, curious and hilarious minutiae the festival throws up. She’ll also be keeping you up-to-date with our festival events, letting you know where to go and when – so keep an eye on #ca13 and #TINA13 for breaking news. Emily is a writer and whip-smart editor from Melbourne and when she isn’t waxing lyrical for CA you can catch her wry musings @StewEmily. Emily will be reading some of her work on Sunday morning at Eggheads Like Their Booky Books at 10am at the Press Book House Cafe.

Sabrina Sokalik will also join us to live-blog some festival highlights and recap a few of the panels, workshops and presentations held over the three-days. So even if you can’t make it up to Newcastle this weekend, don’t fear Sabrina will provide you with some comprehensive Cliff Notes! Sabrina will be sharing her thoughts on Apathy and Contemporary Art at 11am on Friday at The Lock Up.

The Excellent Emily Stewart

The Excellent Emily Stewart


The Stupendous Sabrina Sokalik

We have such a diverse, talented and (dare-we-say) provocative group of artists involved in the festival this year and we know intriguing ideas will be shared and contentious questions raised – more than could ever be addressed in the paltry three-days we have up here in Newcastle. Critical Animals is always a mind-bending information overload so we’d love for you to stay in touch, comment on the blog and generally share your thoughts as your brain ticks over in the post-festival wash-up.

But for now – we hope you have your costumes ready and we can’t wait to see you at the Artist Meet and Greet on Friday at 11am at The Lock Up to kick off our festival!

P.s. Bring your swimmers, we took a quick break at the beach today and it was delightful!